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Public Relations

The mission of the Public Relations Committee is to convey the professional image of open water lifeguards and heighten public awareness of the importance of lifesaving. Our goal is to identify specific challenges and provide effective, accurate and professional response to inquiries. In addition, the Public Relations Committee archives media related to lifesaving.

Public Relations Committee Update

Our Public Relations committee met at the Fall CSLSA Board of Directors meeting in Encinitas on October 10 and 11. The committee continues to collect articles and digital media related to lifeguard public relations for their library. To make contribution easier, they created a file bank in a cloud-based environment to allow one member from each chapter to submit photos, articles, videos and any other media. Access is permission-based. The committee also developed a list of questions that will be distributed by email to all chapters. Results of the survey will be posted on this webpage, with five frequently-asked questions included.

Click Here to send a message to our Public Relations Chairperson.


        Media Magic (pdf)
        Not On My Watch (pdf)
        Public Perception of Lifeguards (pdf)