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California Surf Life Saving Association
Post Office Box 366
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

          CSLSA EXECUTIVE BOARD (F/Y 2018 - 2019)


Bill Humphreys
Gus Avila
Casey Graham
Mark Allen
          Past President/Advisor
Mike Beuerlein

          1st Executive Delegate
Mike Silvestri
          2nd Executive Delegate
Jay Butki
          3rd Executive Delegate
Bryan Etnyre
          4th Executive Delegate
Jim Hughes
          CSLSA COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS (F/Y 2014 - 2015)

          Bylaws/Policies & Procedures

Casey Graham
          Certification Vince Lombardi


Leslie Schwene
Vincent Fiamengo


Diego Busatto
Bryan Etnyre

          Junior Guards

Casey Graham
Chris Egan


Adam Sandler

          Lifesaving Sport and Fitness Jay Butki
Skip Prosser


Charlotte Graham
Leslie Schwene


Jim Hughes

          Original Founders

Rob McGowan

          Professional Standards

Shea Gipti

          Public Education

Mike Silvestri

          Public Information Officer

Adam Sandler

          Public Relations

Renae Jackson

          Social Media

Leslie Schwene
Sierra Page
Jonathan Richards

          Special Awards and Presentations

Bill Richardson


Ian Burton


Mike Scott

          Ways and Means

Mark Allen

          Website Robert Moore


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